Great British Horror 1: Green and Pleasant Land – Paperback

Great British Horror 1
Green and Pleasant Land
edited by Steve J Shaw

Green and Pleasant Land is the first in an annual series showcasing the best in modern British horror. Every year, Great British Horror will feature ten British authors, plus one international guest contributor, telling tales of this sceptered isle.
The 2016 edition, Green and Pleasant Land, features eleven original stories of small town, rural and folk horror.
Table of Contents
  • Hermaness by V H Leslie
  • Meat for the Field by Rich Hawkins
  • Strange as Angels by Laura Mauro
  • The Castellmarch Man by Ray Cluley
  • Ostrich by David Moody
  • Blue-Eyes by Barbie Wilde
  • A Glimpse of Red by James Everington
  • Mr Denning Sings by Simon Kurt Unsworth
  • He Waits on the Upland by Adam Millard
  • Misericord by A K Benedict
  • Quiet Places by Jasper Bark