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When the people who had opened the box reported back on the contents, they confirmed that not only wasn’t it about to go off and take out half the street, that it wasn’t in fact Gwyneth Paltrow’s head either, they said that instead it was what looked like a foot. A human foot, severed at the ankle.
The killer had finally given one back…

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A man seeks revenge for his dead wife’s murder, while another finds himself being tortured for information he doesn’t have. One woman’s job at a check-out is starting to take its toll, while another imagines all kinds of horrors during a blackout. An urban nightmare called Graffitiland is the location for a deadly hunt, but a thief finds more than he bargains for upon breaking and entering one particular property. And as a stalker tracks his latest victim, an altogether different kind of serial killer called The Gemini is rising… Here in these pages you’ll find gathered together all the tales of crime and psychological terror from award-winning and bestselling author and editor Paul B. Kane (Beyond Rue Morgue, Hooded Man, Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell), plus three new novelettes – including a serial killer reworking of Cinderella. Complete with an introduction from the award-winning Paul Finch (author of the bestselling Sergeant ‘Heck’ Heckenberg novels, including Stalkers, Sacrifice and Hunted, as well as the Sunday Times bestseller Strangers), this is one collection of thrilling Nailbiters fans of the genre will not want to miss…

Nailbiters will be available in both paperback and limited edition hardback variations. The hardback edition will be strictly limited to 30 copies, and will include a copy of short film The Opportunity, based on one of the included tales.

Both the paperback and limited edition hardback are now available to pre-order at

Nailbiters will be released in March 2017

Paul B. Kane is an award-winning author and editor, who has worked in the fields of SF and Dark Fantasy (most notably the bestselling Arrowhead trilogy, a post-apocalyptic reworking of Robin Hood – as Paul Kane – gathered together in the sell-out Hooded Man omnibus) and the Y.A. market (The Rainbow Man, as P.B. Kane). He penned the well-received Sherlock Holmes stories ‘The Greatest Mystery’ and ‘The Case of the Lost Soul’, and the critically acclaimed full-length mass market novel, Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell. Paul is also the author of the serial killer chiller, The Gemini Factor. His most recent co-edited anthology is Beyond Rue Morgue (Titan), all new stories revolving around Poe’s detective C. Auguste Dupin, while others in the past have featured the likes of Michael Marshall (Intruders), Richard Matheson (Duel) and Robert Bloch (Psycho). He has been a guest at many events and conventions, and his work has been optioned for film and television (including Lions Gate/NBC, who adapted one of his stories for primetime US network TV). Several of his stories have been turned into short films and he is currently adapting his novel Lunar into a feature for a UK production company. His website at has featured such guest writers as John Connolly, Dean Koontz, Lauren Beukes, Thomas Harris, Mark Billingham, Mo Hayder, Stuart MacBride, Val McDermid, Ian Rankin, Charlaine Harris and Stephen King.